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Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022

Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022

Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022

Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022

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In this post, we’re breaking down the “Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022”. We have made this list based on performance, build, quality, price, and more. We have also included options for every type of consumer, so whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use option as an everyday phone, or an advanced option that can deliver smooth frame rates with all titles we’ll have the best gaming phone for you.

Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022

Below you will find the details of the top 5 best gaming phones in 2022, and we sure hope that you will find the one you are looking for, in our list.

Asus Rog Phone 5

So if you’re looking for a phone that can excel with almost any type of game for a lower price than other premium models the Asus Rog Phone 5 is our choice as the first of the “Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022” for most people. The Asus Rog phone is a slightly cheaper alternative to high-end models.

It offers a stunning AMOLED display with seamless scrolling outstanding battery life and responsive all-around performance which makes it ideal for nearly any situation. It has a gamer-focused aesthetic that features sharp red accents and a logo with a matrix of programmable RGB lighting while the phone is heavy and somewhat bulky as it feels robust enough to withstand some accidental bumps.

You get a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with 2448 by 1080 resolution that consistently produces a sharp colorful picture with a maximum refresh rate of 144 hertz for smoother gameplay and plenty of brightness. On the rear, it also has a secondary 1.7-inch primo-led rog vision panel that can be set to react to notifications games and display a moving image of your choice.

It offers 12 gigabytes of ram and a powerful snapdragon 888 octa-core processor that can handle anything from everyday browsing to running demanding titles with smooth frame rates though it can lag with particularly power-hungry games at max settings.

It also comes with two 3000 mah batteries that can deliver around two days of runtime per charge which is superior to the higher-end Samsung galaxy z fold 3. Though gaming drains the battery faster than the ZenUI.

OS is also reasonably intuitive to navigate and it offers a game genie mode to create shortcuts or program macros and five profiles to optimize performance. While it doesn’t quite offer the raw processing power of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max the Rog Phone 5 is an excellent option for gamers and anyone who doesn’t need the extra power or top-tier camera quality would likely be better off saving some money.

If you’re looking for a phone that can run almost any game smoothly and reliably handle general everyday tasks this might be your best bet.

The Xiaomi Black Shark 4

Next up in the “Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022” we have a powerful phone that offers several gamer-friendly features and a high refresh rate screen for smoother gameplay. The Xiaomi Black Shark 4 is a great option for any mobile gamer to consider.

The black shark 4 is an excellent mobile smartphone that comes with many gamer-focused features such as an upgraded liquid cooling system to reduce overheating a solid chipset and magnetic pop-up triggers to give you a competitive edge like most other gaming phones on this list.

It has a relatively thick heavy build but it’s not uncomfortable to use and the size is understandable considering the powerful internal components. The build quality is solid and features an all-glass rear that helps to resist fingerprints customizable RGB lighting that flashes when you receive notifications and unique magnetic pop-up triggers with nice tactile feedback for a console-like gaming experience.

It has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with the same 1080 by 2400 resolution as the Rog Phone 5 impressive color accuracy and a 144hz refresh rate with a 720hz reporting rate to maximize frame rates. On the inside, you get up to 12 gigabytes of ram and a snapdragon 870 chipset that can run casual mobile games and more demanding AAA mobile titles like Call Of Duty mobile at high settings.

Though it lacks the power of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. We also like that it comes with an upgraded liquid cooling system so you can game for longer periods without drastically impacting the system’s performance. The 4500 mah battery is a solid addition and it offers around a full day of runtime per charge and innovative hypercharge technology for significantly faster-charging speeds.

The black shark 4 doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as the more expensive options on this list but it offers responsive performance smooth gameplay and a stunning display this is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative that can stream media, browse the web and smoothly run most mainstream titles.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

To deliver an impressive gaming experience some users might be looking for a solid phone that can offer smooth overall gameplay and a surprisingly powerful processor for the price the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 is our choice as the best gaming phone for the money in 2022.

Nubia’s red magic 7 is a gaming phone that outperforms its relatively affordable price tag. It offers an intuitive operating system with buttery smooth frame rates and a top-tier processor with outstanding power. It has a hefty well-made semi-transparent design that features sturdy aluminum and glass components unique line patterns and a customizable RGB fan though it lacks an IP water resistance rating.

It comes with a solid range of connectivity options which includes the latest Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth technology, NFC support, dual 5g compatible sim slots, and the ability to plug in HDMI or DisplayPort cables via a USB-C adapter.

You get a 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a Full High Definition plus resolution, 700 nits of brightness to combat sunlight, a built-in fingerprint sensor for extra security, and 60, 90, 120, or 165 hertz to optimize gameplay or conserve power as needed.

It utilizes 16 gigabytes of ram and a cutting-edge snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset which offers more raw power than higher-end options like the Z Fold 3 and can capably run most games with seamless frame rates and excellent graphics rendering like the black shark 4.

It also has responsive shoulder triggers that mimic a traditional gaming controller to help give you a competitive edge except they rely on haptic feedback instead of buttons unfortunately the battery isn’t the strongest on this list but it can still deliver around 10 hours of runtime.

Depending on the refresh rate used and supports 65 watts of fast charging it doesn’t offer the same all-around performance as the premium iPhone 13 pro max but the red magic 7 delivers several gamer-friendly features and comparable frame rates.

For a much lower price if you’re not looking to spend too much money but still want a gaming phone that can capably run mainstream titles without standing graphics this might be your best option that stands at number 3 at the “Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022” list.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Next up in the list of “Top 5 Best Gaming Phones In 2022”, we have a powerful smartphone that provides extra screen space while gaming and enough processing power to run graphically intensive titles the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a great option to consider with its buttery smooth 120hz refresh rate, responsive stylus support, powerful components and ample screen space that rivals some tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a great option for avid mobile gamers. It has a large bulky design that’s heavier than most of the other options on this list. It houses powerful internal components and offers a unique foldable display to provide additional screen real estate. You get a robust frame with a durable armor aluminum body and an ipx8 water resistance rating to protect against splashes, but it isn’t dustproof.

It features a massive 7.6-inch main screen with a smooth 120-hertz refresh rate for gaming or streaming video and 2208 by 1768 resolution which produces a clearer more vibrant picture than the previously mentioned models and a secondary 6.2-inch OLED screen for extra gaming space.

While the 12 gigabytes of ram and Qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipsets don’t offer the same raw power as the red magic 7, they’re powerful enough to stream media browse the web edit photos, and deliver smooth frame rates with titles like PUBG at high settings.

The extra screen space and processor also provide outstanding multitasking capabilities so you can run apps open messages and games simultaneously without impacting performance too much.

Unfortunately, the battery performance isn’t the best but the 4400 mah battery can last for around 8 hours per charge which is solid considering the dual-screen design. It is also an s pen compatible to help increase your productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 isn’t the most powerful gaming phone on the market but it offers superior performance to most options in this price range a sturdy build and ample space for mobile gaming.

I would recommend this if you need a powerful phone that performs well with mobile games or if you want a larger screen to gain a competitive edge.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

(Photo by Ming Yeung/Getty Images)

If you’re looking for a gaming phone that offers the best blend of in-game performance battery life and picture quality the iPhone 13 Pro Max is our choice as the best overall gaming phone in 2022.

The iPhone 13 pro max is Apple’s latest and greatest flagship model that features impressive battery life a processor with class-leading power and a large bright high-resolution screen to help deliver an immersive gaming experience.

It has a sturdy design with a stainless steel outer band and a ceramic shield on the screen for added impact resistance and a dependable IP68 water resistance rating it’s available in multiple colors to match your style while it’s heavier than most other previous iPhones models. It only weighs around 8.46 ounces which is among the lightest on this list.

It comes with a large 6.7-inch pro motion display with a stunning 2778 by 1284 resolution to deliver crisp graphics and a dynamic refresh rate that alternates between 10 hertz and 120 hertz for smoother gameplay with less battery drain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a touch id on the display but it utilizes the face id tech for fast secure logins.

Under the hood, it utilizes an upgraded a15 bionic chipset which offers more processing power than the non-ios models mentioned and can consistently deliver smooth frame rates with power-hungry titles or handle just about any task you need.

The battery is also outstanding and can provide up to 28 hours of runtime per charge to withstand lengthy gaming sessions but it lacks 65-watt fast charging support. We also like that it comes with a focus mode to temporarily disable certain notifications so you can stay focused on your gameplay.

The iPhone 13 pro max is the best overall gaming phone because of its stunning display outstanding battery life and superior overall performance to other high-end models like the Z-fold 3.

If money isn’t an object and you want a gaming phone that delivers class-leading performance seamless frame rates and crystal clear graphics while playing, this might be the best choice for you.

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